GAN Networks

While the GAN Global Network is a strategic platform, the GAN Networks through their local and regional activities are the GAN's on-the-ground country mechanisms to promote work-based learning programmes, including apprenticeships. Their fundamental role is to provide a foundation for the GAN concepts that are adapted to the unique national context.


Promoting Apprenticeships as a Path for Youth Employment in Argentina, Costa Rica and Kenya through GAN Networks


In September 2016, the US Department of Labor (USDOL) awarded the GAN a grant to implement a project titled Promoting Apprenticeships as a Path for Youth Employment in Argentina, Costa Rica and Kenya through GAN Networks. This project is designed to promote workplace-based training opportunities for youth as a complement to USDOL’s ILAB FY2016 grants related to workplace-based training and apprenticeships for vulnerable and marginalized youth in the three countries. The GAN strengthens country-level apprenticeship networks in these three countries through the establishment of GAN National Networks (GNNs). The networks’ essential role is to quantify commitments among relevant stakeholders and root the GAN concepts within the national context, catering to the distinct economic, cultural and institutional needs present at the national and local level. 


The indirect beneficiaries of this project are vulnerable and marginalized youth who would otherwise be subject to child labor, forced labor, hazardous work tasks and conditions or situations of human trafficking. The project proposes several actions to be taken at the national level to promote workplace-based training and, where possible, apprenticeships as tools to provide youth who are at risk of engaging in hazardous work with a pathway to decent work. The GAN works with employers, government agencies, social partners, nongovernmental organizations and other stakeholders to increase awareness and coordination and to promote increased private sector investment in work-based learning (WBL) programs to implement new or improved opportunities for vulnerable and marginalized youth.