Our corporate members are multinational companies who share a commitment to work-based learning (WBL) as a means of equipping their own employees and the broader workforce with the skills needed in the twenty first century.

The GAN provides a platform for member companies to promote work-based learning across the globe, highlighting the advantages for companies who introduce WBL programs, for individuals, for society and the economy more broadly.

Through sharing experiences and best practices, GAN Global members help one another and the broader business community to develop and implement effective WBL approaches.

Together with the expertise from our networks and partners, our members contribute to a deeper understanding on a range of aspects related to WBL. For example: the range of company initiatives for WBL, the return on investment to WBL, how WBL can be configured to ensure diversity in workforces, WBL in the context of the Future of Work, and facilitating the link to the education sector.