GAN Secretariat

GAN Secretariat

Executive Director, Nazrene Mannie
Nazrene Mannie is a specialist in the field of social policy focusing on youth employment and skills development. A South African national, she has worked on a range of private sector-led youth education and employment initiatives, including WBL and placement programmes across multiple sectors.

GAN Management Board

GAN Management Board

Chair of the Board, Laurent Freixe
Laurent Freixe is Chief Executive Officer of Zone Latin America, Nestlé. He was elected Chair of the GAN Board in June 2019, for an initial two-year term which was subsequently extended for a further two years

Corporate Members

James Etheredge

CEO North America

François Rohrbach

General Manager, Switzerland
SVP Human Resources,

Chris Nassetta

President and CEO

Jean Phillipe Courtois

Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales, Marketing & Operations

Christophe Catoir

The Adecco Group

Patrick Stolz

Head HR Switzerland and Global Head HR Digital Transformation & Analytics UBS

Mario Greco

Group CEO
Zurich Insurance

Michael Kienle

Global VP of HR Talent Acquisition

International Organisations

Hanni Rosenbaum

Executive Director
Business at OECD

Sangheon Lee

Director, Employment,
Policies Department

Roberto Suárez Santos

Secretary General

Stefano Scarpetta

Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs

Peter Robinson

President and CEO

Employer and Business Organisations

Alberto Echevarría Saldarriaga

Vice President Legal Affairs
Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia (ANDI)

George A K Khaki

Executive Director
​Employers’ Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM)

Deniz Karakaş

Deputy Secretary General
Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TISK)