GAN Global will create partnerships with some of their members/partners to showcase original Instagram projects that are focus on some of the topics associated with work based learning activities and where different communities will be featured at the workplace such as vulnerable youth, parents who return to work after a period of leave, apprentices, entrepreneurs…etc. 

In 2019 GAN Global will feature the OIJ Instagram project Top 2030 that is focused especifically on skills and youth leadership in support of the 2030 Agenda.  SkillingNow will feature 9 young entrepreneurs who are transforming their ecosystem through their initiatives and actions. 

We will organize Twitter Summits, virtual conferences that takes place on Twitter, featuring both keynotes and research presentations, but the talks will be delivered via a series of tweets. The virtual conference will promote open debate where everyone can follow, ask questions, and take part in the discussions. The conference “Chair” will tweet out the conference schedule and other announcements about the conference, and on the day, share all presentations.

We are engaging top leaders to co-develop thought pieces on the SkillingNow topics. These pieces will be shared on our LinkedIn, Medium and Facebook with the goal of inspiring an interactive discussion with our campaign partners and more broadly with audiences around the world.

SkillingNow is diving deep into three topics in 2019 and spending up to three months on each topic to enable diverse voices to be heard.

Mar - Jun

Life Long Learning

SkillingNow will explore the topic of lifelong learning including examples of where its already happening in companies and countries and questions such as what’s the role of government, the employer and the individual; what value will degrees have in the future; and what skills people should acquire?

Jul - Sep

Return on Investment (ROI)

We will investigate the return on investment of work-based learning approaches, including questions such as culture, broader social benefits and cost sharing.