We are engaging top leaders to co-develop thought pieces on the SkillingNow topics. These pieces will be shared on our LinkedIn, Medium and Facebook with the goal of inspiring an interactive discussion with our campaign partners and more broadly with audiences around the world.

The world of work is changing rapidly, driven by a series of megatrends – globalization, technology, demographics and climate change. These trends affect the composition of the workforce, the nature of tasks, the way work is organized, and they are creating new opportunities and roles that were unforeseen even a decade ago. Unlocking these opportunities to the benefit of all stakeholders requires a proactive and collective response by government, businesses and individuals of all ages to continuously build the skills needed to meet evolving labor market demands; a window of opportunity exists today for us to understand and proactively shape how we respond.

The debate about skills, and how and when to acquire them, is now a constant drumbeat with a regular flow of publications and conferences on the topic featuring leading global consultancies, international organizations, thought-leaders, businesses and governments. Yet, there are still more questions than answers and numerous potential scenarios. SkillingNow aims to open up the discussion by providing a platform for an interactive, global dialogue, engaging people from diverse sectors and backgrounds in an exchange about building the skills we need for a future of good work through work-based learning.