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Updated: Aug 30, 2018

August 2018

EU commissioner Marianne Thyssen and Philippe of Belgium at the GAN Belgium launch
EU commissioner Marianne Thyssen and HM King of the Belgians at the GAN Belgium launch, 13 June

GAN Argentina

On 18 June, GAN Argentina attended a working group session on the ILO’s initiative “SafeYouth@Work”, supported by the US Department of Labor. The aim was to exchange knowledge and best practices on safety at work for youth in Argentina, and plan activities in collaboration with various actors, from the government to civil society.

On 4 July, its member, the German-Argentina Chamber of Industries and Commerce, organized a summit “Cumbre de Capacitación - Cumbre CapacitAR 2018, which examines training for tomorrow's professions. Companies, including Siemens and Volkswagen, with other stakeholders exchanged best practices on training programs. The event ended with the award to Siemens SA and Famiq Aceros SA as companies training the first young women on mechatronics and mechanics under a dual system.

GAN Belgium

GAN Belgium was officially launched on 13 June, with the presence and support of HM The King of the Belgians. The 17 initial board members, including the GAN Global, made commitments to increase opportunities to develop skills for all, to exchange best practices in areas of apprenticeships, and to foster dialogue with stakeholders.

GAN Colombia

On 11 May, Accenture and Arcos Dorados, both members of GAN Colombia, participated in the NEO Colombia project, which is an alliance committing to a million opportunities for vulnerable youth, affected by armed conflict, through apprenticeships and training. This project is run by the NEO Allianz, which an association of companies, governments and civil society, coordinated by the Family Compensation Fund.

On 17 May, GAN Colombia hosted an event to present initiatives on youth employment, where Corporate Iberoamerican University, officially became a member. In tandem, Nestlé, a member, invited GAN Colombia to join the Pacific Alliance Youth Summit, on 28-29 June. This Summit emphasized the changes that the 4th Industrial Revolution will bring to the growing segment of millennials entering the labour market. Forty-one companies signed a pledge to create 30, 000 job opportunities for youth by 2020 in the countries of the Pacific Alliance.

Currently, GAN Colombia is launching a social media CEO for Two Months call to action, building upon The Adecco Group's CEO for One Month campaign. A youth leader will be selected to lead the national network and work side by side with industry and business experts to shape and implement the work plan. GAN Colombia will share their campaign with other national networks as a best practice example to implement in other countries and to engage youth more strategically in decision-making processes.

GAN Costa Rica

With its newly elected national government, a progressive administration in place since 6 May, with a higher ratio of youth and women, and the youngest President in history at 38 years old, GAN Costa Rica is faced with many opportunities in promoting apprenticeship, especially for vulnerable youth. On 25 May, it interviewed Ambassador and Member of the Parliament, María Inés Solís Quirós, who is a young woman from a rural area, who started her career as an apprentice. This video will be the first released in a series of interviews with members of the government, that will be disseminated throughout the year.

Continuing its work on raising awareness about apprenticeship, GAN Costa Rica published two videos on Twitter and held its second breakfast meeting of the year. This session introduced the National Qualifications Framework, an OECD-inspired tool, that regulates qualifications and associates competencies, based on a set of technical criteria. This new tool could help classifying occupations in Costa Rica and facilitate mobility. At the session, a new member, JAPP joined and Fundación Paniamor presented its project which facilitates vulnerable youth into the educational system and in the labour market.

Lastly, GAN Costa Rica welcomed a new member, Cede Don Bosco, which is a Christian organization, providing education and training to vulnerable youth.

GAN France

On 14 June, an event was hosted at Salesforce, who was recently voted as the top workplace in France. At this meeting, there was an emphasis on the important role that digital industries play in promoting apprenticeship, particularly with both Salesforce and Microsoft as members. As legislation is undergoing reforms to promote more apprenticeship offerings, GAN France is in tandem advocating to lift the stigma. On 7 November, they will launch a National Apprenticeship Day and throughout the month, several campaigns will run in several regions throughout the country.

GAN Kenya

On 31 August, the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) together with the GAN, will jointly organize a GAN Kenya kick off breakfast meeting in Nairobi, with the aim to encourage and link in-country initiatives on skills and employment opportunities for youth and vulnerable groups. The kick-off meeting will be an opportunity to assess the socio-economic situation, challenges and opportunities for skills development in Kenya through apprenticeship. The meeting will serve as the initial stage to officially launch GAN Kenya at a later date.

GAN Namibia

On national advocacy, GAN Namibia hosted a booth on 20 June at the Namibia Careers Expo, encouraging youth to consider vocational training. And on a global level, on 13-18 August, GAN Youth Ambassador, Bella Mupurua, from GAN Namibia took part as a youth delegate during the #Y20 Argentina Summit to participate in the drafting of a policy paper to be presented to the G20 Labour Ministers, later this year.

GAN Namibia members have also been active in various trainings from the hospitality to automotive industry. Ongava Reserve Lodge, a member of GAN Namibia, enrolled 13 students to become chef trainees at the Silverspoon Hospitality Academy on 2 July. While Pupkewitz Motors’ hosted a Young Talent Development Ceremony on 3 July, attended by GAN Namibia. Pupkewitz Motor is a leader in training, with 300 trainees enrolled in 2018.

GAN Spain

On 23 May, Fundación Telefonica, held a Forum on Digital Skills, where they formally announced their support for GAN Spain. Members of the GAN (Microsoft, Telefonica, The Adecco Group) shared their experience on what abilities and profiles are sought and will be in greater demand in the labour market. They emphasized the importance of lifelong learning and flexibility. GAN Project Director, Laura Faehndrich shared other members’ initiatives and programs to build digital skills, and Shea Gopaul, GAN Executive Director was given an opportunity in this interview to advise the next generation on the skills to focus on for tomorrow's workforce. At the Forum, a renowned expert on digital strategy and culture, Rahaf Harfoush, gave an overview of the changes implied by digital transformation. Lister to her keynote here.

GAN Sri Lanka

During our Annual GNN Meeting on 5 June, Kanishka Weerasinghe, Director General of the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon, and Shea Gopaul, the Executive Director of the GAN, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, marking GAN Sri Lanka as the 13th national network.

GAN Tanzania

GAN Tanzania has been working with GIZ’s Skills Development Working Group, as part of its work to strengthen Germany's international cooperation and development with Tanzania and the East African Community (EAC).

Special Note on GAN Argentina, Costa Rica and Kenya

These three national networks are made possible thanks to funding provided the US Department of Labor (DOL), under cooperative agreement number IL-29557. This material does not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the USDOL, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the US Government.