Upcoming Events

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Twice a year, GAN Board Members from the private sector and international organizations come together to review the progress made by GAN Global, and the future direction of the organization.  In doing so, the Board convenes a high-level conversation around the GAN agenda and how it relates to current issues related on work-based learning and the Future of Work.  However, in response to COVID-19 measures, many of our upcoming events will either take place virtually or will be on hold until further notice. 

This year’s 2020 Spring Board Meeting will take place virtually and a reminder has been sent out to Board Members. Given current circumstances, we will let you know of how planned activities will be carried out over the next few weeks, specifically on a side-event with the African Union (AU) on “Promoting Quality Apprenticeships in Africa: A commitment to reaching 1 Million Youth by 2021” which is to take place after our General Council meeting, during the 2020 International Labour Conference (ILC) on 29 May (TBD).

Stay tuned for our webinar series on work-based learning adaptation strategies to COVID-19