News from the GAN Networks

GAN Australia Launch Event. In the picture left to right: The Adecco Group Australia CEO Rafael Moyano; CEO Westvic and AEN Chair Dean Luciani; Zurich Australia Head of Bancassurance & Direct Kieran Forde; Nestlé Head of Corporate Affairs Margaret Stuart; AEN and GAN Australia ED Gary Workman.

The GAN Australia launch on 4 March brought together over 120 delegates, including several Global Apprenticeship Network GAN partners: The Adecco Group; Nestlé; and Zurich Insurance Company Ltd; as well as representatives from Government, Group Training Organisations, TAFE and private training providers in an effort to stimulate conversation around better engagement with industry to reduce youth unemployment. Read more.

UBS apprentices talking about their experience

Representatives of GAN Australia travelled to Switzerland for a study tour from 16-31 March to learn about Switzerland’s apprenticeship system and GAN global. For a 360 degree understanding of Swiss-style apprenticeship, the Australian delegation met with GAN Board Members, the Adecco Group, UBS and ABB in Zurich, as well as Nestlé in Vevey and were inspired by the systematic approaches, which go to the core of company culture, and they were impressed by the maturity and expertise of the apprentices, who were as young as sixteen years old.

Additionally, in Zurich, our colleagues from Australia met with the Education Department, which is accredited with strengthening the school to work transition process and has been scaled to other cities and cantons in Switzerland. We were also delighted to accompany our visitors to the Swiss Association for Electrical Contractors and an electrical training center.

The Australian delegation spent the second week of their stay in Geneva where they met with the Department of Public Education of the Canton of Geneva, under whose guidance they had the opportunity to visit the Cité des Métiers, the Espace Entreprise and a horticulture school.

Visiting the Swiss Association for Electrical Contractors in Zurich

Visiting Firmenich provided an excellent chance to get an introduction to the captivating world of science and fragrance while getting to know their commitment to sustainability and fostering the next generation of talent and skills.

The tour of the electrical/construction training center’s premises (CFPC/CIEG) in Geneva as well as of the electrical training center in Tolochenaz (ACVIE) gave an extensive and interesting overview of the teaching methods, the apprentices’ tasks and the institution’s commitment to the promotion of apprenticeships and the advancement of apprentices also with regards to Swiss Skills and World Skills.

The stay of the Australian delegation will be concluded by a meeting with the Skills and Employability Branch of ILO, and visits to the Swiss Federal Institute for VET and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, SERI.

GAN Costa Rica is continuing to build and expand constructive relationships with relevant government institutions, international organizations, civil society actors and others working to address youth employment, in particular for vulnerable youth and girls. Recent partnerships were established with three key players:

  • CENFOTEC, a university that focuses on the curricular design and the execution of programs that improve skills in the technological field;

  • FUNDEPOS, another leading university for professional development in business management and administration;

  • LBA, a selective law firm that provides specialized corporate services to a variety of companies and investments in Costa Rica.

Activities to promote its work plan this year include a social dialogue platform, and a mentorship program for small enterprises and start-ups, who engage interns.

Funding is provided by the USDOL under cooperative agreement number IL-29557-16-75-K-1. This material does not necessarily reflect the views or policies on the USDOL, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the United States Government.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to GAN Guatemala. Hosted by the Comité Coordinador de Asociaciones Agrícolas, Comerciales, Industriales y Financieras (CACIF), GAN Guatemala has 13 members and its main objective is to align the skills needs of businesses and the educational curricula of universities and other academic institutions. To achieve this, GAN Guatemala will bring together a working group consisting of companies, universities, training institutions and the government, on a monthly basis to identify working areas and potential joint projects.

Very exciting news coming from France, where GAN France host the Adecco Group France in partnership with Accor, Korian et Sodexo have announced an apprentice training centre (CFA) in culinary arts and hospitality. The aim is to deliver certified training that combines both an academic approach and on the job training. The Adecco Group has also announced an apprentice training centre dedicated to recruitment, as to date there is no certification for this profession yet available in France. For more information about the training centres watch this interview with Christophe Catoir.

GAN France’s effort in cooperation with Électricité de France (EDF) in organising the First National Apprenticeship Day on 7 November 2018 has been awarded a prize by the Pépites de l’Alternance, a contest that seeks to promote companies that offer apprenticeships. Congratulations to our colleagues from GAN France for a wonderful job! For more news from GAN France members, have a look at this article.

GAN Belgium took part in the first matchmaking event between higher education and dual learning in Belgium on 11 March, in the context of dual learning. With this networking event, SYNTRA Flanders and GAN Belgium are bringing the world of education and work together so that large companies can set up dual learning programs in collaboration with educational institutions. The evening started with a presentation by ENGIE Fabricom and ArcelorMittal, both experienced dual learning pioneers, on how they started dual learning programs within their organizations. The discussion then turned to the matchmaking, where higher education institutions proposed courses for companies, which had already specified their interest in STEAM courses.

The 2nd of September 2019 will mark an important day for dual learning in Flanders. Dual learning will be rolled out broadly in secondary education after three years of testing grounds, and various pilot projects are also being launched in higher education. The new graduate courses in higher education will offer new perspectives for structural cooperation between education and the professional field. They will last two years and consist of at least 30% workplace learning.

Nico Reeskens, Chair of GAN Belgium and Country Manager at The Adecco Group Belgium, pointed out that: “Young people who opt for dual learning in secondary education must have the opportunity to start higher education using the same learning method. By also offering dual learning in higher education, we can give every young person the opportunity to make full use of their learning capacity.”