How our Members build lifelong learning around the world

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Spotlight on Accenture

We launched SkillingNow with Accenture to engage with diverse groups and individuals on the skills needed today to thrive in tomorrow's world work. Read here about how Accenture is preparing its workforce, and helping the company’s clients, for a future of good work?Millions of workers around the world are going to be affected, if they haven't already, by years of significant technological changes that has been dubbed the "Fourth Industrial Revolution." Read more on how Accenture's AI program 'Job Buddy' helps retrain workers who've lost jobs to automation, and why it could be a game-changing model for other companies to follow.

Spotlight on Microsoft with the Adecco Group

Technologies like AI are creating demand for new worker skills and competencies. But how can companies and workers respond to these demands and leverage the opportunities generated through these transformations? GAN member, Microsoft and General Assembly (The Adecco Group) have launched a partnership to help close the skills gap. Read more“As AI is changing the way we work and the nature of jobs, we have a responsibility to ensure graduates are prepared for the workplace of tomorrow,” says Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations at Microsoft. Read more on a new initiative between Microsoft and OpenClassrooms towards addressing gaps in tech hiring.

Spotlight on Zurich Insurance

To help develop its workforce for years to come, Zurich North America partnered with Harper College three years ago to offer a first-of-its-kind General Insurance Apprenticeship. Read more to learn why Zurich Insurance pursued this initiative, and its outcomes.

Spotlight on Randstad Argentina

Marina Levin, Randstad Argentina's Manager for Public Affairs and Sustainability will be present at SHRM Annual Conference during our panel on 24 June showcasing a research project in Barrio 31 - a vulnerable neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires - that studies the return on investment in companies that hire employees through a government employment office.

Spotlight on OECD

There has been a lot of talk about the future of work and now we have a window of opportunity to turn words into action to create a more inclusive and equitable future of work. Did you know that 40% of jobs created between 2005 and 2016 were in digitally intensive sectors? What is the future of your job? Take a look at the OECD’s 2019 Employment Outlook to discover the implications of emerging trends on the future of work.

Other headlines on the Skilling for a Future of Good Work

Investing in people has never been more important, writes World Economic Forum President, Børge Brende. In his latest Blog, he calls for a skilling revolution, through education reform, lifelong learning and investments in skilling initiatives. Here at GAN, we couldn’t agree more!As the adoption of AI and automation increases, new research from McKinsey and Company looks into the consequences for women’s jobs in the United Kingdom and those of African American workers.On 9 April, the European Commission hosted a conference on 'The Future of Work: Today. Tomorrow. For All.' which examined the the main drivers of change, opportunities and challenges in the world of work.