GAN Mid-Year Newsletter

Updated: May 18, 2018

New Team Members

The GAN is thrilled to welcome two new additions at its Global Headquarters, Ms. Kathleen Elsig, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Development and Mr. Niall Quinn, Digital Solutions Architect, seconded from Accenture. We asked them how their positions can better promote our mission to expand apprenticeship and work-readiness programs and increase impact.

Kathleen Elsig

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Development

"Partnerships involving the private sector, governments and community-based organizations can create remarkable positive and lasting change for communities and for people. We’ve seen this in so many areas already – ranging from sustainable production to insurance for farmers to green infrastructure development. And we’re now seeing that multi-sector partnerships are essential for creating the breadth of change that is required for businesses, communities and people to skill for the future of work. No one sector, discipline or organization can do this alone. Collective action involving employers, government, academia, community based organizations and others, at all levels, is increasingly important."

Niall Quinn

Digital Solutions Architect, Accenture

“Technology enables message amplification to grassroots individuals and removes barriers to information, support and community. Through technology, work-based programmes can be delivered and accredited globally to provide value for youth and business. The internet has forever changed the world, digital communication is expected and passionate storytelling is the transformative magic. The GAN mission is wholesome and full of demonstrable value, when told well it cuts through the digital noise to make an impact.”

We wish them both a warm welcome and look forward to introducing them to many of you at our upcoming outreach events.

Latest Updates from GAN Global

# Vesuvius Update – the Ideation Phase of the GAN’s Upcoming Fifth Year Campaign

By end year, the GAN will mark its 5th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, the GAN is planning an awareness campaign to promote its mission. Already, the GAN has made great progress in the ideation phase of the 5th anniversary campaign, where it has engaged GAN National Networks (GNNs), members and partners on social media and during a workshop. This ideation phase is called #Vesuvius.

In March, the GAN held a co-creation workshop during the ILO Governing Body, where the GAN trialed the campaign ideas with the GNNs, the ILO, US and Swiss government representatives, Plan International, and others. The workshop resulted in three key themes to advance on. As a follow-up, in April 2018, the GAN held a design-thinking/next steps session with its member companies Accenture and Adecco, the ILO and the International Trade Centre (ITC). The principal focus was to agree on the narrative for the campaign, its main components and the alignment on the target audiences (personas) of the campaign activities, so that GAN and member companies can align on campaign actions and content creation.

International Gender Champions Pledge

In honour of International Women’s Day on 8 March, GAN Executive Director, Shea Gopaul launched new pledges as an International Gender Champion, encouraging young women to begin their careers as apprentices, especially in STEM and as a pathway to the boardroom. Read more about her new pledges and member company commitments here.

Webinar with GAN, Making Cents International, GE, and The Adecco Group

In April, Making Cents was joined by the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), General Electric Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, and Adecco, for an interactive session on comparative insights from global employers and implementers on the role of work-based learning and apprenticeships for youth economic opportunity, in a changing world of work. Access the materials here.

Global Education and Skills Forum

In March, the GAN participated in a debate on “Will 2030 be better for youth?” during the Varkey Foundation’s Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, where GAN Executive Director met with possible supporters and partners. The Forum attracted over 3’000 attendees mainly teachers, advocates, professors, researchers, politicians and foundations, who discussed what the world could look like in 2030 for youth. Read more here.

Linking with Locals

Migrants at a culinary training workshop in Anières

On Labour Day, the GAN received a visit from Serge Baehler, Director of pre-apprenticeship programs with the State of Geneva. He shared with the GAN, examples from a local initiative that encourages pre-apprenticeship programs targeting young migrants and places them with local businesses in several sectors including administration, logistics, health, tourism and food services.

From L to R: Cristina Gueco Martin, Head of Communications & Field Support, GAN; Kathleen Elsig, Head of Partnerships & Development, GAN; Ana Gomez, Programme Coordination & Operations Trainee, GAN; Laura Fähndrich, Project Director, GAN; Deborah Martierrez, International Relations Officer, US Department of Labor; Regula Schegg, COO, GAN; François Rohrbach, General Manager Switzerland, SVP Human Resources, Global HR BP Operations and R&D, Firmenich; Christian Starkenmann, Distinguished Scientist, Firmenich; Tim Vernet, Laboratory Technician, Firmenich; Léa Schaub Kodera, Human Resources Specialist, Firmenich; Hanna Lauber, Pension & Benefits Specialist, Firmenich; Nollaig Forrest, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Firmenich

In May, the GAN organized a US delegation visit to Firmenich, the largest family-owned fragrance and flavour company, to learn more about their cutting-edge apprenticeship programs.

What’s Next?

Follow our Global Apprenticeship Movement by joining us on our upcoming, exciting adventures, including:

- an e-discussion with the ILO, OECD, UNESCO and the EC on Innovative, Quality Apprenticeships for the Future of Work on 22 May

- the OECD Forum on 29-30 May

- our General Council and Annual GNNs Event during the ILC on 1-5 June

- GAN Belgium launch with His Majesty King Phillipe of the Belgians on 13 June

- International Conference on Innovations in Apprenticeships: A Skilled Workforce for the Future. Organised by the ILO, in collaboration with the GAN and the OECD on 4-5 July

Find our more on our homepage here. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events. Please contact us at for further information.

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