GAN Network Activities

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

September and October have been eventful months at GAN Global, but also for the Networks around the world. With GAN Global colleagues travelling to Argentina and Costa Rica, an event on youth employability in Guatemala, the launch of the Apprenticeship Vacancy Index in Australia, the upcoming National Apprenticeship Day in France, there is a lot to tell. Read on to find out more.


GAN Argentina worked to a busy schedule during the months of August and September. Key events included the 44th Technical Committee Meeting of ILO-CINTERFOR (Inter-American Centre for Knowledge Development in Vocational Training) in Uruguay on 6-8 August, focused on the transformation and innovation in human talent development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Cecilia Sleiman, GAN Argentina Coordinator, presented the private sector perspective on the challenges of the present and future of work. Representatives of the private sector, which included colleagues from Costa Rica´s UCCAEP, adopted and published a declaration encouraging the ILO-CINTERFOR to highlight GAN as a successful example of partnership between multi-stakeholders from both private and public sectors in promoting and sharing best practices related to training and work-based learning programmes. The ILO-CINTERFOR was also invited to explore synergies with GAN, especially in Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico, where GAN has local networks.

Also in August, GAN Argentina participated in the Symposium “Everything you wanted to know about the work of the future and did not dare to ask.” The Symposium was attended by a multi-stakeholder group of educators, scientists, economists and lawyers representing public authorities, private sector, unions, civil society, and academia to discuss how the labour market is adapting to tech disruption. Participants agreed that the education system needs to be reformulated through a consultative process to face upcoming challenges with the Symposium serving as a platform to explore joint opportunities for growth with equity.

On 4 September, GAN Argentina contributed its experience to the CapacitAR Summit with the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) and the Argentine-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK). The Summit promoted dialogue between public and private actors in the field of vocational training to encourage and foster an approach that fuses education and employment. Daniel Funes de Rioja, B20 Chair in 2018 and Vice President of UIA, intervened in a panel on lifelong learning and discussed the GAN’s work in Argentina. The event inspired participants demonstrating innovative approaches and proven models, such as professional training in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to address current challenges in the labour market.

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In addition to its advocacy work, GAN Argentina together with the AHK and UIA delivered a Training of Trainers (ToT) programme to participants from industry to learn about the tried and tested methods of the German dual education system on the insertion and onboarding of youth in the workplace. Graduates of the programme received an international recognised certificate from AHK during a ceremony held as part of GAN Argentina´s #SkillingNow Campaign Focus Week.

Group AHK GAN Argentina Training for Trainers

The participants identified three key priorities for the Network to focus on during 2020-2022. These are:

  1. The need for promotion and advocacy fusing education and employment through work-based learning;

  2. The need to strengthen the legal framework for articulating the education-employment bridge;

  3. Internal and external communication on GAN Argentina activities.

GAN Argentina also focused on helping company representatives to understand the various challenges that affect youths’ access, preparation and performance at their place of employment.


GAN Costa Rica has developed its strategic plan for 2020-22. Members and partners continue to view GAN Costa Rica as a platform for facilitating employment through work-based learning. During a design thinking workshop on 2 September, they identified the following four priorities:

  1. research into work-based learning

  2. STEM education and jobs

  3. policy advocacy (dual education)

  4. certifications

Deign Thinking Strategic Planning, Costa Rica


On 3 September, GAN Costa Rica co-organized an event with the Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTN) in San Carlos. During the event, the GAN Costa Rica team presented data on industry and employment trends in the country and results of a study that identified STEM careers as a tool for regional development in the province. The GAN Global team was there to support by advocating for work-based learning as an innovative, coordinated and multi-stakeholder approach to education and career access in STEM, especially in an area where access to such opportunities are limited. The event was attended by educators, local government representatives, industry specialists and civil society.


On 5 September, GAN Costa Rica hosted the TedXZapote on lifelong learning. The event was attended by more than 400 vulnerable youth from the country including youth from marginalised communities, refugees and migrants. The event was animated by Costa Rican and international speakers who focused on various aspects of lifelong learning and the opportunities it provides for individuals and their communities. The speakers addressed motivation, values, exchange and resilience that drive learners to overcome obstacles and strive to achieve their goals as well as the life settings and circumstances that offer opportunities for learning.


On 6-7 September, GAN Costa Rica co-sponsored and participated in the Latin American Women in Technology Conference (Latinity) in San Jose. The conference centres on women who are passionate about working in technology and fostering a better future for women in this field. GAN Costa Rica facilitated the participation of a speaker from IBM, Yohanna Álvarez Cordero who addressed the stereotypes that keep women away from education and jobs, and reiterated the need to keep learning throughout our lives to stay ahead of the changes in the world of work. For more information about the conference see here.

By recognizing the opportunities that the changing nature of work is creating for women and girls in the workforce of the future, we create a win-win for businesses, economies and societies that will help foster sustainable development for all. Read more about how GAN Global tech companies such as Microsoft and Accenture are contributing to a gender balanced workforce.


Last but not least, GAN Costa Rica facilitated the participation of JAPP.Jobs in the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Conference. JAPP.Jobs - a member company of GAN Costa Rica – is an AI platform that matches apprentices to available placements based on skills and competencies.

Click here to find out more about Japp.Jobs participation in add the WorldSkills conference.

*For these three countries (Argentina, Costa Rica and Kenya), funding is provided by the USDOL under cooperative agreement number IL-29557-16-75-K-1. This material does not necessarily reflect the views or policies on the USDOL, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the United States Government.


Youth employability is a key topic on the global Future of Work agenda and to address it in Guatemala, GAN Board Member Nestlé through its Iniciativa por los jóvenes brought together with the support of GAN Guatemala and CentraRSE (Action Center for Corporate Social Responsibility), government and company representatives, business leaders, students, entrepreneurs and youth activists. Social dialogue is key to a successful enabling environment as it ensures participation of all interested parties and builds stronger bonds. Find out more about the event here and follow GAN Guatemala on Twitter.


Crossing over the Atlantic, GAN France has announced a new member, the ANAF, who will be participating also in the second edition of the National Apprenticeship Day. This year the activities will take place in Paris and Lyon, and the godfather of the day will be Guillaume Gomez, chef of the Elysée. To learn more, click here.


GAN Australia colleagues held their inaugural meeting in Melbourne with the participation of GAN Global members The Adecco Group, Microsoft, Nestlé and guest speakers from MEGT, WPC Group and MIGAS who shared their apprenticeship models. Ensuring that our global members are also in touch with our GAN Networks on the ground is a priority for us and it is great to see the commitment of Nestlé and our other members in the country, such as the traineeship launch of Microsoft in Melbourne. The meeting was also the perfect occasion to launch the Apprenticeship Vacancy Index, a tool that will raise awareness about apprenticeship opportunities in Australia and that has already drawn some attention from the business community.

GAN Australia also recently announced an Apprentice Scholarship for International Travel and Study worth up to $12,000 that will be awarded to an Australian apprentice. Applications are open until 1 November 2019, and the scholarship will be awarded on 6 December 2019 at the AEN/GAN Annual Awards Dinner. More information