GAN Network activities

In June 2019, we a hosted a peer-to-peer learning exchange bringing colleagues from Costa Rica, Argentina and Kenya[1] to visit local member companies and institutions. When moving to upper secondary school, Swiss youth can either enrol in a high school (pre-university), or they can opt for vocational training, mostly in three or four-year dual programmes combining classroom with workplace training at a host company. More on this unique exchange here.

GAN Costa Rica

Strengthening its commitment to promote social justice, GAN Costa Rica joined the regional network of companies against child labour, Red de empresas contra el trabajo infantile, through its collaboration with UCCAEP, the Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of the Private Business Sector. According to UNICEF[3], more than 151.6 million children are victims of child labor, and almost half of them are exploited in the worst forms, such as slavery, trafficking, forced labor or recruitment for armed conflicts. In Latin America, almost 16% of children work.

As part of it school to work transition activities, GAN Costa Rica hosted a workshop on talent management as part of its Talento para Crecer program, with Japp.Jobs. The program aims to help small and medium enterprises develop placements for interns and apprentices and advises on students’ health care and work risks. In addition, GAN Costa Rica partnered with the University of Costa Rica, and the multinational company Belcorp, to host an event for recent graduates to guide them into finding their first job. In this activity, students were advised on how to build their resume and prepare for an interview.

And lastly, María del Mar Munguía, GAN Costa Rica Coordinator, who is participating as a moderator in an event hosted by Aldeas SOS Costa Rica, one of its members. This event forged dialogue on the importance of public-private alliances to mitigate unemployment for youth, which in Costa Rica is almost 3 times higher than for adults.

GAN Argentina

On 18 June 2019, GAN Argentina participated in the Skills for the Future panel, organized by Eidos and Impacto Digital. Along with other panelists, Cecilia Sleiman, GAN Argentina Coordinator, presented training challenges, and proposed different strategies for how future generations can acquire the new skills needed. As an example, Ms Sleiman cited a study conducted by Unión Industrial Argentina UIA, IDB Intal, and CIPPEC on the Argentine industry’s situation in relation to 4.0 technologies.

(GAN Argentina speaking at the Skills for the Future panel, organized by Eidos and Impacto Digital)

This research, which involved almost 300 industrial companies, concluded that 86% of companies believe that soft skills will be very important for future jobs, while 64% believe that skills associated with human computer interaction will be relevant as well. Ms Sleiman’s conclusion was that if the importance of soft skills will increase in the future world of work, due in large part to technological changes adopted by companies, then we should further explore how companies and the education system can work together to train young people for the future world of work. She stressed that it is essential for companies to work together with the education system to find short, medium and long-term solutions to prepare youth for jobs.

In this context, GAN Argentina works as a platform for social dialogue on work-based and lifelong learning, linking companies with educational institutions and government, focusing mainly on vulnerable and marginalized youth.

In addition, a new member joined GAN Argentina, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce. It is GAN Argentina’s belief that with more members joining the GAN initiative, the better equipped we will be to address the skills gap.

GAN France

Are you a French SME looking to recruit an apprentice or trainee? This digital platform gives you access to candidates trained through the GAN France network. Here’s where you can access regular, updated news from GAN France.

GAN Namibia

Linking GAN Namibia to worldwide platforms, Bella Mupurua – together with Tim Parkhouse, Secretary General to the NEF (Namibian Employers’ Federation and host of GAN Namibia) attended the opening ceremony of the Second National Skills Competition on 3-6 April 2019.

GAN Global, as a WorldSkills Conference Coalition partner is promoting strong ties between the GAN Networks and WorldSkills country teams. The goal of the National Competition was to select the participants that will represent Namibia at the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 in Russia from 22-27 August.

The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) organised the first information session on the National Apprenticeship Programme in Windhoek, Namibia on 5 April. GAN Namibia has an important role to play in the National Apprenticeship Programme, as they will be taking care of the recruitment process as a service to employers. Ensuring that youth have the information they need to make their career pathway choices is of utmost importance.

GAN Namibia has also attended several events in the past months to inform youth about apprenticeships as a viable pathway. The events included the Namibia Careers Expo; the Careers Section at the Namibia Tourism Expo, sponsored by GAN Namibia member Pupkewitz Motors, and the ILO Global Youth Employment Forum.

GAN Turkey

On 11 July 2019, 15 members of GAN Turkey came together for a meeting in İstanbul to evaluate company activities over the last 6 months in relation to the on-the-job training programmes they are implementing, as well as to discuss possible activities of GAN Turkey SkillingNow Focus Week.

The GAN Turkey coordinator at İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency), Eser Erol, presented on the status of on-the-job training programmes and the statistical information about the GAN Turkey member companies that have benefited from İŞKUR’s programmes. The Head of Department of Active Labour Services of İŞKUR, Volkan Öz, informed participants about the incentives İŞKUR offers to GAN Turkey companies making use of these programmes.

GAN Turkey recently welcomed three new members: Türk Traktör, İNKAİK and Kordsa. Türk Traktör, a leading tractor manufacturer in Turkey, and İNKAİK, a human resources company, presented the activities of their companies. Türk Traktör is implementing a project called “My Secured Future”whose target group are students in Automotive Departments of Industrial Vocational High Schools across the country. Selected students have been registered to on-the-job training programmes within the authorized technical services network of the company, with some employed after this programme.

GAN Colombia

GAN Colombia brought together its members on 18 July 2019, where The Adecco Group presented their career guidance programme “Empowered” that will be implemented over the next three years (2019-2021) in Latin America. The programme will be put in place through annual work cycles and will be part of The Adecco Group’s CSR programmes. The aim of this initiative is to empower youth aged 18-30 at risk of social exclusion and facilitate their access to the labour market.

Fundación Neme also presented on “Ruta Motor”, a programme that works with vulnerable youth and seeks to facilitate their access to formal education and remunerated employment opportunities in a number of cities in Colombia. To date, over 800 youth have received training through this initiative.

[1] For these three countries, funding is provided by the USDOL under cooperative agreement number IL-29557-16-75-K-1. This material does not necessarily reflect the views or policies on the USDOL, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the United States Government.