GAN Argentina Launches a New Report on Socio-Emotional Skills, based on Latin American Experiences

Socio-emotional skills, also known as soft skills, are a set of personal and social skills and attitudes that allow us to face new or complex situations and act effectively towards different problems, either in the workplace or in life in general. Communicating assertively, cooperating in a genuine way, assuming clear responsibilities, anticipating for the future and acting creatively are some of these skills required today by every organization that intends to develop in this new and changing context.

The document "Las habilidades socio emocionales en el mundo del trabajo: Una aproximación regional" (available in Spanish only) amplifies these notions, while offering details for the productive sector on the relevance of investing in strengthening these skills. To do so, it details specific experiences at a regional Latin American level of actions and strategies that include them in the training processes of young people. Through international evidence, the document proposes that soft skills are a determinant for the success of policies aimed at the inclusive development of societies, and additionally offers suggestions for the public and private sectors of the region. The objective of this publication is to provide relevant information for SMEs about what socio-emotional skills are, how to include them in education and training, and its importance both in employability and in public policies that link education to the world of work.