Empowering Girls and Young Women in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Sector

Bringing together our Members, Partners, and Networks to celebrate Girls in ICT Day, we explored how together, we can create more gender parity in this field.

On the 10th Anniversary of the International Girls in ICT Day, a day to empower and encourage more girls entering this sector, GAN Global leveraged its network of members and partners from various fields, backgrounds, and countries, to share experiences on how we can attain better gender balance for future-proof roles.

“GAN Global is working with our members, partners and country networks to ensure that women and girls are equipped with the digital confidence and skills necessary for an inclusive Future of Work. Together with policymakers, business leaders and women and girls in ICT roles, let us break down barriers in this burgeoning field.” - Nazrene Mannie, Executive Director, GAN Global

In support of an inclusive recovery, we reached out to the following experts, business leaders, policymakers, and practitioners from our network, to gain a diverse perspective and understanding around attracting, supporting, and keeping women in ICT fields:

  • Nazrene Mannie, GAN Global, Executive Director

  • Srinivas Reddy, Chief, Skills & Employability Branch, International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • Andrea Lattanner, Global Program Manager, Microsoft Philanthropies

  • Josh Williams, Coordinator, GAN New Zealand & Principal Consultant, Skills Consulting Group and Norie Ape, Digital Product Manager, Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO)

  • Manon Bosma, Managing Director, Accenture Switzerland

  • Maria Camila Agudelo Salazar, Coordinator, GAN Colombia & Director of Public Affairs, Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia (ANDI)

  • Gary Workman, Executive Director, GAN Australia & Executive Director, Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN) and Dr Peta Skujins, Integrated Information Service (IIS), AATIS Director