Connecting our Networks with the Swiss approach to training

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Argentina, Costa Rica and Kenya: three countries, three different work-based learning systems. What do they hope to learn in Switzerland, the country where apprenticeships are deeply entrenched in the national culture?

Last month, we at GAN Global had the pleasure of peer to peer learning visits in Switzerland with our network coordinators from Cecilia Sleiman (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Maria del Mar Munguia (San José, Costa Rica), and Isaac Kiema (Nairobi, Kenya). Together, we visited and met with some of GAN’s global members and other entities in Geneva, that implement apprenticeships, to learn and be inspired from their experience.

In Switzerland, youth face an important choice at the end of their three compulsory years in lower secondary school. When moving to upper secondary school, they can either enrol in a high school (pre-university), or they can opt for vocational training, mostly in three or four-year dual programmes combining classroom with workplace training at a host company. The system is designed to allow young people to acquire theory and practice at the same time so they can develop the professional skillset that is in demand for the selected job market and paves the way into employment.

One of our visits was with the UBS team in Lausanne. Welcomed and guided by UBS Junior Talent Manager for Romandie, we learnt about UBS’s Junior Talent portfolio and their varied apprenticeship opportunities in all the most relevant areas of the bank. Rotations are a key component in this pathway. By taking on roles in different departments, learners gain a wide and comprehensive perspective that enables them to develop all core competencies to thrive in the financial world.