Thanks to all for contributing to an amazing day on 6 October for our International Apprenticeship Meeting.


It was the best event the GAN has ever run, thanks to the support from the Adecco Group, Hilton Worldwide, USCIB, the Swiss Ambassador to the US - HE Martin Dahinden and his team, and the US Department of Labor (USDOL).


With the room at full capacity, high-level buy-in from the USDOL, companies and governments, and input from everyday practitioners who are translating ideas into practice - we can say that the Global Apprenticeship Movement has indeed successfully sparked! We continued the Movement the following day on 7 October with a brainstorming session on the potential of synergies between the GAN and US states, already riding the apprenticeship wave.


As a main highlight of the event, we are proud to announce the following Pledges announced on this landmark day, which will keep the momentum moving and in which we hope to inspire others to follow suit!

(scroll down to see pledges)


By 2020, Adecco North America pledges to facilitate 10,000 work-based learning opportunities, with an emphasis on apprenticeships

US Department of Labor

Support to the GAN with 1.4 million USD and 9 million USD to projects in Costa Rica, Argentina and Kenya with grant winners to be announced soon


Setting-up the first US apprenticeship system in tourism, Hilton will launch with an initial 370 apprenticeship positions over 5 years


Indonesian Apprenticeship Movement to begin with an Apprenticeship Fair in 2016/17, with 2,000 companies


Working with North Carolina AT&T, IBM will increase the diversity of workers entering and successfully completing Registered Apprenticeship programs

GAN Partners &Collaborators

(BIAC, ILO, IOE, New America, OECD, USCIB): Capacity-building activities, access to global and regional platforms, and, advocacy

As such, we would like to share the following with you to continue the momentum