The Great Resignation and Work-Based Learning

“I see it as a responsibility to help companies recruit people based on true potential, motivation and cultural fit – then to continuously train them for the skills needed. We have seen apprenticeship becoming a clear game changer, not only for primary education but also to support professional transitions. Adecco has built first pilots here, both in terms of assessment and upskilling.” In the context of the Future of Work, WBL including apprenticeships and internships can be a way to empower workers of all ages to acquire skills needed throughout the entire cycles of their careers. Set against the backdrop…


GAN Argentina, GAN Australia and GAN Guatemala Join GAN Global Board

GAN Global is honoured to welcome three network country representatives onto the Management Board. As the two-year term of GAN Colombia, GAN Malawi and GAN Turkey comes to an end, members thank these three countries for their service. We welcome the following three individuals, as representatives of the host organizations of three GAN Networks, for their future commitments to promote work-based learning, including apprenticeships and adaptive measures to innovate and respond to the many recent changes in workforce development and learning: “At GAN Argentina, our goal is to encourage local companies to commit to training and incorporating young people into…

Greener Skills for a Sustainable Workforce

Green education and training programmes play a crucial role in enabling businesses and employees to leverage emerging opportunities. Evidence from several countries shows that in sectors and occupations where green growth policies are encouraged, new skills, or new combinations of familiar skills, are driving the need for greener upskilling and reskilling strategies. The role of work-based learning (WBL) in these approaches is an opportunity for GAN Global and its members and partners to shape initiatives to close the skills gaps needed towards a sustainable future. The latest publication by GAN Global Board Member, the Adecco Group was introduced – Training for Green Jobs, highlighting different training solutions…

Promoting Girls and Women in STEM: Building the Talent Pipeline through Work-Based Learning

On the 11th Anniversary of International Girls in ICT Day, a day to empower and encourage more girls entering this sector, GAN Global leveraged its network of members and partners from various fields, backgrounds, and countries, to develop solutions and ideas to lower barriers for girls and women in STEM roles. “You cannot be, what you do not see.” Pallavi Verma, Senior Managing Director, Accenture – referring to Accenture’s research on women taking up STEM positions and the need for active role models To break down glass ceilings and walls for girls and women at work, they need to be…

Member Voice: How Regulations Will Impact Skills in 2022

GAN Global Board Member Representative, Bettina Schaller, Group SVP – Public Affairs of The Adecco Group shares her insights with us on anticipated trends and expectations from a workplace and skilling perspective. We all know that reskilling and upskilling are important. We lose around 40% of our skills every three years, so our skills can become obsolete in as little as a decade. Meanwhile, the changing demands of employers mean that employees need to learn new skills – upskilling – to fill vacancies. Career development is one of the top three priorities for employees, according to Adecco research that spanned 10 countries. And we…

The Business Role on Building Skills for Tomorrow and Ensuring Equal and Inclusive Opportunities

Thought leadership from Nazrene Mannie, GAN Global Executive Director and Member of the B20 Employment and Education Task Force and Special Initiative on Women’s Empowerment.

Business Strategies towards a Sustainable, Future-Proof Workforce

Bringing together companies representing various sectors spanning the globe, we explored how business leaders, particularly Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and HR Executives, play a crucial role in future-proofing their industries towards a sustainable future of work.

New Guide Emphasizes Skills Development as Key Business Strategy to a Sustainable World of Work

In times of extreme uncertainty and rapid digitalization, closing the gap between the supply and demand of skills and ensuring people have the right skills to be employable and perform their work well, is more challenging than ever. To help business leaders better understand how a strong skills development strategy creates business value while simultaneously generating positive value for people and society, today, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN Global) launched a guide for Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) on skills strategies for a sustainable world of work.

L’Oréal Joins GAN Global Management Board

We are pleased to announce L’Oréal, the world’s leader in the beauty market, as our newest member.

Empowering Girls and Young Women in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Sector

Bringing together our Members, Partners, and Networks to celebrate Girls in ICT Day, we explored how together, we can create more gender parity in this field.

Inclusive Digital Skills Training – What will it take?

Digital skills are increasingly a pre-requisite to participation in the workplace and are likely to become more so in the future. From the most basic level such as sending emails to data science and AI, our professional lives are ever more dependent upon being able to use and master new technologies. How can countries like Australia, Colombia, and New Zealand measure this skill set, compare the results across their population, and ensure digital skilling opportunities for all? In 2021, digital literacy is a sine qua non condition in all agendas for technological transition and innovation. It remains key in achieving…