GAN Australia

Host: Apprenticeship Employment Network (AEN).

Priorities: GAN Australia aims to strengthen the commitment and visibility of companies’ and organisations’ engagement in apprenticeships and traineeships, and to share the best practices in on-the-job training. It aims to encourage a network of committed companies and organizations, at the global and local levels, to support effective knowledge sharing action programs and partnerships and to scale up international cooperation to this effect.

Highlights: Among GAN Australia’s main initiatives are the Apprenticeship Vacancy Index, an interactive dashboard that showcases the number of advertised apprenticeship and traineeship job vacancies as well as the top industries and occupations.

GAN Australia established an International Apprentice Scholarship providing the opportunity to the winner to experience how apprenticeships and traineeships are delivered abroad, investigate alternative technologies and work methods, and consider the application of the learnings to their apprenticeship in a local context.

In 2020-2021 GAN Australia participated in the “Skills for Employability” project, funded by Microsoft Philanthropies, and delivered a digital skilling situational analysis providing a snapshot of the digital skills in the country.