GAN Costa Rica

Focus Week Highlights

27 May - 2 June 2019


In this video series, young representatives of the Costa Rica Legislative Assembly comment on the importance of giving opportunities to young people to start their professional careers through internship and apprenticeship programs, the benefits of developing soft skills, the importance of encouraging public-private partnerships to ensure a dialogue between the supply and demand of the labour market, the effects of youth unemployment on the population and the potential that young people have to intervene in a positive way in different areas.

SkillingNow Podcast Episode 2

In this second episode of the SkillingNow podcast we’re going to Costa Rica where Priscila Chaves, ED of the innovation agency 10XImpact, talks to Lizette Brenes, coordinator of OMiPYMES at UNED, about what lifelong learning means, how we can acquire new skills and what are the skills for the future. We approach the future of work from three perspectives: automatization and how it gives us the time to learn new skills; how to acquire the skills needed for the jobs of the future; and what collaborative economy looks like. What are the possible disruptions? How can we overcome our fear of reinventing ourselves and what does it mean? How can businesses take the lead? What’s the role of universities for the career pathways of the future?


Best practices catalogue

This catalogue showcases the programmes and initiatives that six Costa Rican companies have put in place to select the talent they need and incorporate youth into the labour market. The aim of the document is to inspire other companies and organisations to implement such programmes, thus increasing the number of skills training environments, facilitating the school to work transition and ensuring a higher youth employment. The companies mentioned in this catalogue are: Instituto Técnico Vargas Matamoros, Nestlé, Telefónica, IBM, Intel and Aldeas Infantiles SOS.