GAN Networks in Europe


Hosted by The Adecco Group Belgium

Launched in 2018

Focus areas: 

  1. Held a survey during first internal meetings of members and identified possible areas of work.

  2. 5 September 2018- Board Meeting: GAN Board members met and decided on focus areas and GAN Belgium structure.

  3. Developed a work plan and this is considered best practice for others to use.


Hosted by The Adecco Group France

Launched in 2017

Focus areas: 

  1. Relocate apprentices not hired by large companies to SMEs: each member of GAN should reclassify at least 25% of the non-hired apprentices (pool of skills created through apprenticeships) and other small companies.

  2. Strengthen the appeal of apprenticeships and specific sectors: 10 000 potential apprenticeship opportunities (e.g. catering and cleaning) vacant due to lack of clarity and visibility of the sectors.

  3. Modernize training tools, focusing on public-private partnerships to avoid loss of energy and resources: joint investment and organising apprenticeships by sector, linking them to the regions.

  4. Allow international and multi-company training programmes based on an Erasmus apprenticeship model. 

  5. Design training programs in line with company needs: avoid restricting certain skills to specific professions and promote skills used in a variety of professions, allowing apprentices to be relevant in the future of the professions and creating the professions of the future.


Hosted by Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations (TISK)

Launched in 2015

Focus areas: 

  1. Focus areas for the Work Plan will be based primarily on the results of a survey to be sent shortly to all current GAN Turkey members.

  2. Enlarge membership by getting SMEs on board.