Cristina Balbas


I'm Cristina Balbas, I'm from Burgos although I've been living here in Madrid for several years now and I'm a molecular biologist. I'm 31 years old and it's 6 years ago that I started this project, which is EscueLab. It has been evolving little by little and also we were realizing what the people asked for, and adapting us to what they asked for because you have to have the client or the beneficiary in the center of what is being done, someone whom you can see yourself reflected and who shows you that it is possible what you have in mind is very important and, in that sense, I believe to note specific experiences or people as an example of what can be achieved, not as an example of what is excellent, is unattainable, but as a form of what it is to bring these initiatives, this young talent within reach of anyone and demonstrate that indeed from very diverse contexts, great things can be done.


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