GAN Networks in Asia


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Launched in 2018

Focus areas: 

  1. Leverage all the relevant programmes to set up a strong global apprenticeship network.

  2. Raise awareness on apprenticeship programmes and their value.

  3. Strengthen the commitment and visibility of Bangladeshi companies’ and organisations’ engagement in apprenticeships and internships as part of a sound human capital development strategy.

  4. Collaborate in applying co-creation strategies for re-designing and strengthening apprenticeships programmes throughout the country as the hubs for youth’s growth, development and empowerment.

  5. Share best practices in the areas of work-readiness programmes, mentoring and on-the job training.

  6. Encourage a network of committed companies and organizations to support effective knowledge sharing action programmes and partnerships and to scale up international cooperation to this effect.


Launched in 2015

Focus areas: 

  1. To raise awareness and understanding of apprenticeship in Indonesia.

  2. To facilitate knowledge sharing of apprenticeship's experiences and practices.

  3. To contribute to the improvement of apprenticeship regulatory framework in reducing the gap between knowledge generated in the educational system and the skills demanded by employers.


Launched in 2018

Focus areas: 

  1. To provide a window for young people into the real world of work through apprenticeship
    programmes offered by the EFC’s member companies. These include leading corporates
    in the country as well as multinational companies.

  2. To address the challenges of talent emigration and encourage retention.

  3. To change the mindset around apprenticeships.

  4. To create opportunities for the youth who drop out from schools, particularly targeting those who live in the rural areas.

  5. To increase the female labour force participation.

  6. TVET, mentoring and career guidance by partnering with education institutions, particularly business schools.