AWS joins Board of GAN Global to advance Work-Based Learning

Geneva, Switzerland. 21 June 2022 – Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the newest company to join the Management Board of the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN Global). With a commitment to train a diverse global workforce, including training 29 million individuals around the globe by 2025 with free cloud skills training, AWS is paving the way for the next generation of cloud builders. To scale its training and certification programs, including hands-on learning and apprenticeship programmes, AWS collaborates with higher education institutions, local and federal governments, AWS Training Partners, and NGOs to help train individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. Programs such as the Amazon Technical Apprenticeship Program help people transition to careers in cloud computing.

GAN Global is honoured to welcome AWS to its Global Management Board. According to Izabela Milewska, Global Digital Skills Leader, who will represent AWS on the GAN Global Management Board:

“The scarcity of highly experienced cloud talent is a major concern for employers around the globe, and hiring the necessary talent continues to pose a real challenge to the industry. Through our Cloud Career Training Programs, we are preparing diverse learners for in-demand, cloud roles around the world. We are proud to join the Global Apprenticeship Network to re-inventing how talent is cultivated, trained, and retained, and build a pipeline of cloud talent for the future.”

For employers in need of cloud-skilled workers across all sectors, AWS helps bridge digital skills gap with training programs for the most in-demand cloud computing roles. AWS Training provides 500+ free digital courses at various skill levels, learning plans for specific roles and solutions, classroom, webinars, and more. AWS Certification helps learners build credibility and confidence by validating their cloud expertise with an industry-recognized credential, and organizations identify skilled professionals to lead cloud initiatives using AWS. AWS Cloud Career Training Programs prepare individuals for entry-level roles in the cloud workforce by collaborating with higher education institutions, non-profits, training providers, workforce development organizations, governments, and employers. Learn more:

About GAN Global GAN’s vision is a future of work that is open to all based on equipping individuals and organisations with the skills they need for prosperity. Its core focus is work-based learning, invaluable for companies and communities alike as it aligns workforce skills with labour market demands to ensure both business and people thrive in a world of transformation. GAN drives action by advocating for work-based learning, sharing member company best practices, and implementing projects on a global and local level through a multi-stakeholder approach involving both the private sector and policymakers.