Our Mission

Why Work-Based Learning Programmes

GAN Global empowers people and businesses by promoting and advocating for the uptake of work-based learning including apprenticeships, as a way to address the mismatch between the skills people have and the skills employers need.

The goal is to accelerate the acquisition of skills and capabilities of all segments of the workforce and build a robust talent pipeline for business that can match the pace of change in the world of work.

Our members are trailblazers and thought-leaders from leading multinational corporations and international organizations, who are setting examples for others to follow and shaping global and community policies and approaches. GAN has established networks in several countries across the globe.

The growing divide between the skills business needs and the skills people have threatens the sustainability of business, augments wage inequality and makes it even more difficult for people without the right skills to get a job or to stay employed.

This disconnect exacerbates social and economic inequality as youth and adults with lower levels of formal education face barriers to skilling and fall further behind. It also impedes innovation and growth as companies struggle to find the talent they need to meet production deadlines, satisfy customer demands, and turn ambitious new ideas into reality.

Yet, broad-based and inclusive education-employment ecosystems that encompass the school-to-work transition and reskilling and upskilling of the existing workforce currently don’t exist at the quality and scale needed.

Work-based learning, including apprenticeships, is a cost-effective way to solve the mismatch between the skills people have and the skills businesses need. The approach aligns education with evolving labor market demands, enabling people and businesses to remain agile and unlock the new opportunities created through the changing world of work, rather than be threatened by them.

Companies benefit from productive, innovative, diverse and experienced employees who can adapt and continue to deliver over time. People benefit from increased employability skills and competencies and higher earning potential.

What We Do

Our primary role is to encourage businesses to implement WBL programmes, including apprenticeships, and to support the creation of an enabling policy environment.We do this by advocating with governments to improve the policy environment for enabling WBL; facilitating peer-to-peer sharing of industry best practices and learning; and implementing innovative models through our members, networks and in-country activities. We believe that by aligning skilling practices with actual labour market demands through WBL, we will enable business, people and communities to thrive in a rapidly changing world of work.

GAN Member and Partner Support for the SDGs

Employment and skilling touches upon the economic, social and environmental aspects of the sustainable development agenda.


GAN acknowledges the importance of convening business leaders from all sectors in support of prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.

Many of our member company case studies supporting SDGs 4, 8 and 17 are also featured on the Business for 2030 platform.